Home Away From Home

Since moving out to university, I have realised that having my own little space can sometimes get a bit boring. At home you have everything you need and for me I was in the same bedroom for years so everything had its own place. Whereas now I have two rooms that I live between and struggle to decided what to have where. I want to do a full university room tour one day but the problem is that most of it is boring! So in today's post I am sharing with you some little things I do to make my room feel like home. 

I absolutely love my hot drinks, whether this be coffee, hot chocolate or even a good old cup of tea. On my top shelf I keep a stash of emergency hot beverages. In the Tea container I have tea bags, hot chocolate sachets and my new favourite thing mint mocha (its so good!). Then I have a sugar canister which hardly gets touched but I just have to have it. Both the containers are from Quality Save and I adore them. The print is very vintage and gorgeous. 


Also on the top shelf I have a few things close to my heart. One of them been a Cinderella snow globe, she is my favourite princess out of all of them and I love just having her in my room with me. Then I have this little plaque with a motivational quote on, it gives me something to smile at every time I see it. Finally, I have the only photo in my entire room. I really need to get some more printed off, but this is of my family and who doesn't love a good old selfie. Plus the frame is glittery and I love anything glitter. On the notice board above my desk I have a few printed out quotes. I think having little saying that are motivational/inspirational are a great pick me up. Find them on pinterest and print them out, no need to buy any fancy ones. 
These little quotes are what really makes my room feel more welcoming, they are all bright and in your face. When you start looking for universities to go, it is always important to look at the Student Accommodation that is available. You want to have something that is cosy and manageable, where I am everything is on campus, which makes my life easier and the halls aren't that bad. It isn't always this easy so then why not live off campus? When I was looking at Northumbria University I didn't like the halls and started looking for off campus spaces. Letslivehere offer some great accommodation in the Newcastle area, so well worth considering living out of the university complex. 

My favourite part of my entire room has to be the little make-up station thing I have going on. I have a pinterest print stuck on the wall and then a mini acrylic organiser. As you can see it is heaving with things and that is because of my lip product addiction - there just isn't enough room to put them all somewhere. Then I have a Ikea plant pot that stores all my brushes in, the white fits with the whole room and completes it. 

There's a little sneak peek at my room! There are so many things I still want to do with it, add some fairy lights above my bed, print out more photos and de clutter. Currently I have lots of things everywhere and it really needs sorting out! 

Welcome to my Home Away From Home! 

*Collaboration with Letslivehere*

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