Superdrug CC Cream Review

Sometimes you walk into Superdug and just don't end up buying anything you were meant to and instead buy something random and new to you. This time around it was Superdrug CC Cream RRP £8.99, lucky for me it was buy one get one half price on Superdrug so I got it for only £4.48 and then cotton pads for 50p - score! CC Creams and BB Creams have taken the beauty world by storm with every brand bringing out there own version, the Bourjois one is mean to be amazing but I opted for the cheaper version to get me started.

These are great when the weather gets warmer and you need a lighter base that allows you to let your skin breathe at the same time as correcting everything but not giving you a ton of coverage. This CC Cream promises to be a 6-in-1 day cream that improves the skin tone, conceals blemishes and imperfections, clarifying the skin tone, all day moisturising, and contains a of SPF 15 - not a lot but enough if you wear more on top when it is really hot. 

When I squeezed it out the formula was very thick and this was scary because I expected it to be thin and more liquidly. It however blends onto the skin to become very light and feels as though there is nothing on your skin. The shade medium is perfect for my in-between skin tone and the range is also in light and dark, this makes it difficult as you have to guess due to not being able to swatch. 

How did it work? Not the best thing in the world. I had really high hopes, a base that allows me to have those 'no makeup makeup days'. It covered the redness that I have on my cheeks, moisturised my face but I didn't feel that it covered my imperfections (spots and scars). I didn't expect that to happen anyway's but I would have loved some sort of coverage. This was the first time I tried it, then the second time around I used the CC Cream as a primer underneath my foundation as a primer/first layer this provided me with a little bit more of a even coverage but still not great. 

I was really excited to use this but it just didn't work, maybe it is because of the weather? It just isn't the time to have a light base, but I will defo be taking it on holiday with me and testing it out again so expect to see a trying it again post! I think this is just a re-branded product from +Superdrug, but it appeals to me a lot more!

Do you both with the CC/BB Cream Trend???

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