Dates for Your Diary: Greetings Cards at the Ready!

We know how it is; you start the year with great intentions, filling up your diary with important dates, before quickly misplacing it and ending up instead relying on Google Calendar. With that in mind, we thought you might need a little recap when it comes to important dates in the next 12 months.

For the Muslim community, Eid al-Fitr – which this year falls on September 24 – is also known as the ‘festival of breaking the fast’. And should you have a friend, relative, colleague or neighbour who observes this festival, why not help them mark the occasion with a beautiful handmade card? Celebrated by Muslims worldwide, the religious holiday is to Muslims what Christmas is to Christians. In the absence of Eid-related cards and gifts, a blank card featuring a pretty floral design and including a heartfelt hand-written note will go some way to helping friends mark the festival.

Greetings Cards at the Ready!
While it’s not quite as prominent here in the UK, Halloween (October 31) presents a great opportunity to spruce up your home in the otherwise quiet period between autumn and Christmas. Increasingly, decorative household items are becoming the norm in supermarkets here in the UK, with cards popping up in gift shops, too. Why not search for a blank card featurin pretty orange blooms to send during the holiday, or ‘just because’?

Next up, on November 1, Diwali – also known as ‘the festival of lights’ is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn. Spiritually signifying the victory of light over darkness, preparations and rituals typically extend over a five-day period, which means you have plenty of time to drop in a card at a friend or colleague’s.

Across the pond in the US, our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving Day on November 26. Just over a month before Christmas, the holiday also precedes Black Friday, where those in the US queue up outside department stores to bag cut-price deals. If you have friends or relatives in America, pop this date in your Google calendar and get organised early by hand-making a pretty card or buying a gorgeous handmade one. Think cards featuring shades of orange and deep plums, to mark the festival which is celebrated in late autumn.

We doubt you’ll escape the run up to St Valentine’s Day without spotting the card and gift shops’ huge banners reminding you of the holiday. But just in case…it takes place on February 14, which next year falls on a Saturday – ideal if you want to take your loved one for a day out somewhere nice. You won’t have any trouble finding a host of pretty cards online, but if you’d rather opt for something a little different, instead have a go at making your own.

Greetings Cards at the Ready!
Which occasions do you mark with a gorgeous greetings card? Of course, there’s no reason to wait for these events and these events only; why not surprise someone you care about with a handmade card out of the blue like those sold at Decorque Cards? It’s surprising how such a simple gesture can put a smile on someone’s face.

 This lovely guest post is by Lesley Rudman Stevens, who is the founder of Decorque Cards. Where she designs her own handmade greeting cards for you to buy for those special occasions!  


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