2 Bright & Bold Indian Wedding Guest Looks

2 Bright & Bold Indian Wedding Guest Looks

Hey, it’s Aamira and I’m back! 
Parie is letting me write for her blog for a third time now (thank you so much Parie!) 
Recently, my cousin and neighbour have both gotten married in the space of two weeks and I have had the honour of going to both of them! Going to weddings and being part of their happiness is a memory within a memory! Congrats to both of the couples.
Wedding Look #1
2 Bright & Bold Indian Wedding Guest Looks

So, the first wedding was my neighbours! For this wedding, I decided to wear a long - a really long - bottle green dress. As always, I look for inspiration of makeup looks on Instagram and then create my own look. From all the inspirational pictures, I supported an Arabic-style eye with a green smoky eye.
2 Bright & Bold Indian Wedding Guest Looks

When creating an Arabic eye, a clean crisp line in a necessity. For this, I places sellotape from the outer corner of my eye to the end of my eyebrow. I then added my ‘Collection 2000’ Concealer in shade 1 over my base to act as a base and then to prevent creasing. 

Using a shading brush, I added the Emerald Green colour from the ‘Victoria Jackson Eye Shadow Palette’. I added this all over my lid and up to my crease. Tip: To intensify the colour, try using a damp brush to apply the colour. 

I then used a mixture of ‘Blackheart’ from the ‘Naked 3 Palette’ and ‘Creep’ from the ‘Naked Palette’ on the outer edge to create that smoky eye. I used these 2 shades of black to get an intense black shade. I added this using a fluffy blending brush making sure I only add it to the outer third of the eye. Tip: For a smoky eye, start with small amounts of product and they layer more product. This leads to less room for mistakes (trust me, too much product=panda eyes). 

To blend the colour, windscreen wiper motions are your best friend! I slightly blended this black into the crease but focused the blending into the green. After I was happy with my blending, I added more of the Emerald Green colour using my finger. 

To line my eyes, I used ‘Collection 2000’s Felt Tip Liner’ and lined my eyes using my tape as a guide. As I have small eyelid space, my eyeliner was pretty thin. 

Now, to remove the tape!

I lined my waterline using ‘Urban Decay’s Perversion Eyeliner’ and lined the entire waterline and creating a little point in the inner corner. I then ran a little but on the Emerald Green colour on my lash line. I then used ‘Maybelline’s Rocket Lashes Mascara’ on my top lashes and ‘Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara’ on my bottom lashes.
2 Bright & Bold Indian Wedding Guest Looks

I concealed my dark circles with ‘Collection 2000 Concealer’ and used my ring finger to blend it in. For foundation, I then used a mixture of Body Shop’s Foundation in shade 08 and MAC’s ‘Pro Longwear Foundation’ in shade NC 35. I used a buffing brush to blend this into my skin and obtain that flawless finish. 

To contour, I used the matte brown colour from the ‘MUA Eyeshadow Palette’ and used a contour brush to slightly sculpt out my cheekbones and jawline. I also used this colour to slightly contour my nose. For blush, I used ‘FX’s Mineral Puff Blush’ in ‘Desert Rose’ and applied that to the apples of my cheeks. For highlight, I used the highlighter from the ‘Urban Decay – On The Run Palette’ and applied it on my cheekbones using my fingers. 

For my lips, I lined them and filled them with a Maroon Lip Liner.
2 Bright & Bold Indian Wedding Guest Looks

Wedding #2

Now for my cousins wedding! For this wedding, I was wearing a really heavy Royal Blue flowy dress with silver and gold embroidery all over the dress. For this part of the post, I shall just be focusing on the eyes as the products that I used on my face the same products as ‘Wedding #1’.

2 Bright & Bold Indian Wedding Guest Looks
2 Bright & Bold Indian Wedding Guest Looks

For this look, I stuck sellotape from the outer corner of my eye to the corner of my eyebrow. I used ‘Collection 2000’s Concealer’ as a base. I then applied the gold shade from the ‘No.7 Eyeshadow Palette’ and using the shader brush, applied this all over my lid. Then using the Royal Blue shade from MAC’s Eyeshadow Palette, I applied this to the outer half of my eye using the other side of the shader brush. To blend these two colours together, I used my fingers. For the outer V of my eye, I added ‘Blackheart’ from the ‘Naked 3 Palette’ and then blended it into the Royal Blue colour. To line my eyes, I used ‘Collection 2000’s Felt Tip Liner’ and I used ‘Urban Decay Perversion Mascara’ on both my top and bottom lashes. To highlight the inner corner, I used the highlighter that came in ‘Urban Decay – On The Run Palette’.
2 Bright & Bold Indian Wedding Guest Looks

For lips, I used a light pink lip gloss which completed my look! Hope you enjoyed reading this and try to recreate this look or maybe add a twist to it.
Thank you,
Aamira x
Stay Beautiful!

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