Palettes Perfect for Travelling

T-Minus 8 Days until I am on a plane out of this country and into sunny Germany! Packing makeup is one thing I find really frustrating because I never know how much to pack, or even what?! It usually ends up me having way more lipsticks than items all together, but that's why I am called a lip product addict right? One thing that I do have sussed out this year for travelling abroad is that palettes are a girl's best friend, they make it easier to take more things with you and take us less/sometimes more room. 

 Protection Palette  This was a no brainer to put into my travel bag, the protection palette is the number one product for touch ups and on the go. This will be the one i keep in my hand luggage, mainly because of the big mirror and with me along on the trip so that I can keep tabs on my sweaty face. The bronze, highlighter and blush is also a combo that is suited to my skin tone, meaning I don't have to take these things separately. 

Collection Eyes Uncovered - This is a pretty new addition to the eye shadow family, but since Amelia Liana raved about the amazingness that is this cute little palette I just had to try it and at the size of my palm it is perfect for travelling! The options in this selection allow you to do day and night looks, even though the brush is bad, it saves me taking lots of blending brushes with me. They are also super pretty, meaning they will last me for a long time. 

Urban Decay Naked 1 - I have been debating a lot whether or not to take this with me, but the Naked palette is one of the most versatile palettes out there. It allows you to create a whole book of looks, from a one shadow sweep for everyday to a smokey eye for the night time. I also know that they last a long time so on the longer days/nights it will last.

Urban Decay On the Run - Truthfully, I only wanted this back at Christmas for the purpose of this trip. I have used it before but now it is going to get its full use!!! The eye shadows, bronzer and blush give me more options for a day to basis and it includes a lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara making it even easier to use when I am away. 

What are your go to travel palettes??? 

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