GBK Leeds Review

Gourmet Burger King Leeds Review

Last week the family and I took a trip down to Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Leeds, I have heard many good things about the place and couldn't wait to go after a long day working. The Leeds restaurant has had a makeover quite recently, and the GBK chain just introduced their Summer Menu. Going to these 'American Diner Places' can sometimes be a headache if you are a vegetarian but this place was amazing, and you'll find out more soon! 

Starters - My brother is having a obsession with Halloumi cheese at the moment, for starters we had halloumi bites with a Kiwi and Haberno dipping sauce - two of the most bizzare ingredients that work so well together. With the cheese this sauce went perfectly together! 

There was a whole range of drinks to choose from, fizzy, soft and then the milkshakes! Everything form Oreo to Banana, I opted with Salted Caramel it was served in a stainless steel cup and tasted delicious! 

Main - Then we go on to the star of the show! GBK do three main options for vegetarians, the Veggie, The Californian and The Falafel burger all great options with different fillings inside.But, the amazing thing that they do is they can replace any meat burger with a veggie burger!!!! How cool? For example, for my burger I chose the Bacon Pesterella which has inside Crispy Bacon, Mozzarella, Pesto, Relish and Salad. Instead of the bacon, they swapped it for a veggie burger and it tasted AMAZING. The options then on what to eat here are amazing for anyone out there, if you eat meat there is so much and if you don't there is just as many options you just swap it out for a veggie burger or a falafel.   

On the side I had Skinny Rosemary Fries, which were so tasty and even though they were really 'skinny' they weren't crispy instead they were soft and delicious. There other sides include chunky fries, sweet potato fries and their signature coleslaw. 

Overall, I have to say this meal was fabulous! I loved the fact that I was able to swap any meat burger for a veggie one and that opens up your options. It was very filling however, i highly recommend going on a empty stomach! A big thank you to Katie at the Leeds store as well, she was the greatest waitress and helped us out a lot, as well as dealing with all our queries! 

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