Empties #3


I am the worst at finishing up products, hence why there aren't many empties post on here. I can never seem to stick to one item of makeup or skincare or body and then only use that continuously, until i run out. I like to switch things up and make it a bit more exciting, which then leaves me baffled when youtubers upload empties videos like every month?? How do you use things up so quickly?? It's  beyond me! Anywho.. let's see what I've got through!

Garnier Ultra Dry Deodorant // This is my handbag hero, I love keeping this my bag to use when I am on the go. It isn't scented and doesn't leave any white marks so I love using it! 

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser // This is a product that I do use up quickly due to it being something that I use every single day! I love the way this helps with oil control, breakouts and minimises the appearance of blackheads. It also isn't very thick, so doesn't take forever to sink into my skin on a morning or night and then I can get on with the rest of my face application. 

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Wash // Ahhhh, just thinking about this is making me imagine the smell that this soap has when I use it. It is super citrus and strong but even though it sounds very heavy, it smells heavenly and is so luxurious to say you don't pay very much. I was scared of using this at first because of my skin being super sensitive and this been filled with citrus, but my skin doesn't react with it at all! 

VO5 Smoothly Does It // I am always changing and switching up the shampoo I use because I find that my hair gets too used to a product and then doesn't do the job it is meant to be doing. This one however, is one that I can use all the time and my hair loves! It helps with frizz reduction and makes it easier to keep my hair straighter for much longer. I recently however picked up another one from VO5, so looking forward to trying that out!

Quinoderm 10 Spot Treatment // Where do I even start with this? This product is that long term spot treatment that you need in your life. If you are a spot sufferer like me and get them regularly, then buying this will make your life a lot easier, the smallest amount will go such a long way. I apply it at night and get the slightest little bit of a burning sensation when I first put it on, and then it dies down and settles. 

NYC Foundation // I loved this in the summer on those lazy days because of the formula being super light, but wouldn't use it again because the packaging it annoying. You can't get all the bits of the foundation out through the pump, it just stops? So, now I am left with a big section of product and no way of using it.

L'Oreal True Match // When I ran out of this, I actually shed a tear. An actual tear. Water and everything. This is something that I cannot now live without, the formula, texture, lasting power - just everything it claims to do - it does. Love, love, love and more love. 

Collection Cosmetics Concealer // Haha, if this isn't in an empties then we can't call it an empties post! Will always swear by this concealer and won't use anything else because of the amazing job that it does! 

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