Things to Do on a Night in..

Things to Do on a Night in..

If I ever had to make a choice between going out with friends or stay in and stay warm, I would choose the later. Why would you want to put lots of effort into putting on makeup,choosing an outfit, and getting ready for ages? When you can stay in your pj's, have a no makeup evening and stay cosy? Exactly! I thought I would share some of my favourite things to do on a night in and maybe give you all some inspiration to do something nice tonight...
Things to Do on a Night in..

1. Get some snacks together
All of this is really unhealthy, but why not just treat yourself??? Mini Eggs and Cookies are my favourite things to snack on, and both are really addictive/super yummy! And for drink hot chocolate is a must, if its not peanut hottie that I am drinking then it is M&M Hot Chocolate - it is like heaven in a cup. 
Things to Do on a Night in..

2. Gather some magazines and nail polish
If you are having your gals around then by all means get some magazines together so you can read lots of gossip and news and also some spring/summer nail polishes to give yourselves manicures and pedicures - how cute!
Things to Do on a Night in..
3. Order Some Food
If you are planning to get everyone together for a while, then you will definitely need some food to eat. I love ordering pizza and Chinese - foods that are filling and fatty because they are 'comfort foods'. If you are also having a large group over then look out for vouchers, for example MyVoucherCodes always have restaurant deals on so you don't have to splash out lots on a meal!
Things to Do on a Night in..
4. Back-to-Back Boxsets
If there is one thing that is a necessity on a night in, that is watching back to back tv/movies, make yourself a list before hand and get them all ready so you don't have to wait for downloading ect. Some of my favourites are;
- Sex and the City
- Friends
-Mean Girls
-Confessions of a Shopaholic
-Anything from Disney is  MUST
-How to lose a guy in 10 Days
 -13 going on to 30
And there is so many more as well! 

There are so many more things you can do when you stay in as well, read this article to get a little bit more inspiration! There are so many things to do, what are your favourites things?


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