Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil

Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil

Never head of clear skin oil? Same here until a few weeks ago when I started to use it and fell in love with it! Let me tell you a little more about it...

This omega oil contains a variety of different seed and plant oils that target different areas of your body. 
- Flax seed and Perilla seed oils are high in omega 3 which help with inflammation
- Avocado oil is full of vitamin E which protects the skin cells
-  Pumpkin seed oil contains something called zinc which acts as antioxidants in the body
- There is also pomegranate seed oil which is high in antioxidants -
- Sea buckthorn oil is good for skin hydration
- Argan oil, rosehip seed oil, elderberry seed oil and blackcurrant seed oil.

When all this is mixed together you get the clear skin omega oil - tada! There are a few ways of taking this, one way is my adding it to your food the more liquidy ones like soup, pasta - or the other way is to just have a spoonful of it every day and that's what I have been trying out recently! 
At first I didn't see much of a difference, and felt my skin looked and felt much worse (maybe because it was cleaning up inside) but after a week or so it has really reduced the redness that I wake up to and the dry skin that I get around my face. 

I have fallen in love with this oil, even though its yellow colouring can be quite off putting, all round it is amazing! 

Retails at £16.05

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