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Let me let you all in on a little secret - I'm addicted to Kiko. They have recently just opened up a shop in Leeds and even though it has take me ages to find the place, now that I have managed to locate it - I can't stop thinking about it or going there. If you haven't heard of Kiko then please allow me. It is a Italian cosmetics brand that has on offer low prices with the highest quality to help those of us on a budget but want to be beautiful. There company slogan is 'be what you want to be' (also printed on the back of their bag) and the aim is to create products that are diverse for everyone and meet the requirements of each single person. 
KIKO Lust Lip Tin

KIKO Lust Lip Tint

KIKO Lust Lip Tin

I didn't buy too much due to the time I had left before my train home, but I did manage two pick up (surprise surprise) lip products. They had a huge selection of lip products to choose from but I settles for these two 'Shine Lust Lip Tints' reminding me of the Maybelline Colour Elixirs . They are described as
'Long lasting lacquer effect liquid lipstick. Pure shine fuses with instant, full colour. Shine Lust Lip Tint introduces a brand new way to make up lips, combining the intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the hold of a lip tint. The alluring wet gloss effect revitalizes your lips' colour and leaves them looking plump and full. Thanks to the revolutionary water-based formula, Lush Lip Tint has a fresh and enveloping texture. Unique staining pigments fix themselves to the lips for perfect colour adherence. The hold is astounding--tested up to 10 hours* for flawless, long lasting results. Application is unexpectedly ultra-comfortable.The innovatively soft and flexible flocked applicator allows precise and even application of just the right amount of product. Just one coat gives intense results and maximum definition. Your lips are perfectly enveloped and left feeling soft and smooth.'

KIKO Lust Lip Tin

KIKO Lust Lip Tin

The Good
- I love the sponge applicator, it makes applying the product so much easier and you can really get that precise application
- I love the idea of having the colour of the product swatched on the bottle, it makes life a lot easier seen as though you can't see through the bottle
- The silver packaging is chic and lightweight, making it easier for carrying around on the go

The Not So Good
- I was really excited for these when I got them because of the amazing colour, but I wasn't happy with the formula of them at all. For me, it was too sticky and really hard for me to blend with my fingers to get the colour even.
- It also didn't last very long, as soon as I sipped a glass of water it came straight off and I mean I know that they are lip glosses but seriously? They came off within one wipe. I guess I need to try them out some more and see how to keep them on for longer

Find more shades online or instore - HERE


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