The Vegetarian Food Diary #1

For today's post I wanted to do something a little different, that would allow me to share with you a little bit more of me and my everyday life. What better to do it, then show you the food I eat? I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat meat, fish, or eggs (no not vegan, vegetarian but not eating eggs is more of a family thing nothing else), Making life a little bit more difficult,I do eat things with eggs in them e.g.. desserts but nothing else and not a whole egg. In these posts, I will be sharing with you what I eat for breakfast,lunch,dinner and the snacks that I have. Maybe this can become a regular thing...who knows?

The Vegetarian Food Diary

Breakfast - Ok, so I am extremely boring and seem to have the same thing nearly everyday because of time factors and going to sixth form monday-friday it is pretty hard to make myself a fancy breakfast. But at the weekend, I change it up and make it more interesting. But on this particular day I had fruit toast with a cup of Vita-Fit Juice (which i am obsessed with!!). If not toast , then I usually have crunchy nut cornflakes!
The Vegetarian Food Diary

The Vegetarian Food Diary

Lunch - I did this photo taking/documenting last weekend because monday-friday I have a packed lunch, or something from the school. Today's lunch consisted of a wrap filled with salad and cheese, and it tasted amazing apart from the fact that it all fell out after I wrapped it up and ate it.
The Vegetarian Food Diary

Dinner - For dinner the whole family ate spaghetti with roasted vegetable and cheese on top. I love cheese! Anything pasta keeps me stuffed for a few hours and you can enjoy any italian dish with veg and it tastes amazing!
The Vegetarian Food Diary

Snacks - I am really bad at snacking during the day whether at home or school, I always need something to keep me going. I tend to stick to the healthy stuff - fruit, snack a jacks, and the odd biscuit! Who doesn't love a good cup of tea?

What do you normally eat on a day to day basis? And if you have any other breakfast ideas please let me know I am so boring!



Elizabeth said...

Awesome to see what vegetarians eat on a daily basis!
I'd recommend you use Pinterest to look up breakfast ideas, i'm totally loving overnight oats and acai bowls - be sure to check them out!

Class and Glitter said...

That sounds amazing and I will check it out thank you! x