September Favourites|Beauty+Random

September Favourites
The end of a month and the start of another one can only mean one thing, its monthly favourites time! 
Bourjois Rouge in Nude-ist// I promise that this month will be the last time I talk about these, but I seriously can't get enough since having bought them I have used one of the  four colours I own everyday and they have lasted all day and night.

Natural Collection Blush// Slowly and steadily I am getting into wearing blush on my face, and this one from NC is such a pretty and subtle colour that I don't feel concious wearing it because of the light colour. 

Sleek Oh So Special! // This palette and in particular the pink shade you can see in the far right hand corner has been an amazing everyday colour on its own it looks lovely but also with other colours paired together. The thing about pink shadows is that they can sometimes look too Barbie like but this palette doesn't do that and makes it look nice.

Revlon in Coral Surf// Autumn is here I know, but this bright blue colour is still acceptable right? I bought this from poundland and I have fallen in love with, the formula is amazing and the colour is so bright and beautiful I can't tell you more!

Stormflower//I just knew that as soon as I purchased this, I would fall in love with straight away and even though I save it only for special occasions when I do wear this though the scent lasts on me all day and everyone compliments me on how sweet and floral smelling it is.

Primark Hair Bobble// I bought this a while back from Primark and it looks great when you wear your hair as a high bun and then placing this over makes it look way more neater and prettier. They are so many colours that this comes in and is slightly less eye catching then the big headbands are.
September Favourites
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off// I understand that many people aren't fond of Swift or even her new song but I am in love with and haven't stopped playing it everyday. I think the video and lyrics are the things that are making me listen to it more and more. 

September Favourites
I don't usually talk about food but trust me I love it, and recently my go to snack that is very unhealthy are these cute little nutella pots. These yummy pots are so addictive and great when you're peckish or even on the 'go'.

Another thing I have been loving to drink in the summer and now in the Autumn is this Raspberry Lemonade, even though its very and I mean very expensive it is the nicest thing ever and I have just discovered that they sell cans of the drink as well! I really want to try out the other flavours from this company too.
September Favourites

Finally. the highlight of my weekends these past months has been that the Xfactor has returned to our screen and being a fan of Cheryl I just had to watch it but i think this years panel is amazing and they all bring something different to the table and I can't wait to see where it goes!