Lets' Talk; Dealing with Stress.

Stress. The word is quite scary isn't it? But a word and feeling that we all have to deal with, some point in our life there will be times where we have to 'stress'. But don't be alarmed and have a breakdown I have a few helpful tips to help you out, and I've come to the point in my life where all I seem to do is stress and panic. Ultimately, relieving stress and calming ourselves down - whether through attending therapy, practicing self-care, or, through alternative and natural methods such as the use of terpenes - provides clear health benefits to the human body that cannot be denied.

Stress is a type of feeling that we get when we react to particular events and situations, it's basically your body's way of facing the challenge and preparing to meet that tough situation but with lots of other things mixed in like alertness and strength. So, what exactly is stress?

Some Handy Tips!
Dealing with Stress.
Relieve the Stress - If you need something to help relieve you of the stress and help you calm down, try taking some psychoactive gummies. They can promote relaxation, foster sleep quality, calm nervousness, and support general mental health.

Get Some Sleep - Such a basic tip. but one that I and so many other people forget. Between school work, different activities and meeting up with friends, it can be really hard to get enough sleep, especially during the week when are brains are working super hard. They say that we all should really get about 9 hours sleep, but that seems like an impossible amount of time right? Well its not! To get every hour of sleep, cut back on watching TV or engaging in a lot of screen time in the late evening hours (i am guilty of this big time). Another thing is that try to avoid drinking caffeine late in the day because it won't kick in until later in the evening when you are ready to sleep.

Focus on your strengths - I also recommend spending some time really thinking about the things you’re good at, and find ways to do more of those things because trust me they will make you happy. Focusing on your strengths will help you keep your stresses down a little. For me, I find something relaxing like blogging! I love doing this when I feel stressed because it calms me down a little bit and reminds me that I can breathe. 

Talk to someone - Its so much easier dealing with stress if you talk to someone about what it is that is bothering you so much, you may think that they don't understand but in fact they understand more than you think and will help you overcome your problem. 

I decided to ask some of my friends too about how they deal with stress, and this is what they had to say..

Nicole - 'Talk to your mum about it if it gets tough, this means you can express you're feelings and have a good cry and not take it out on your friends because if they react in a bad way then you might loose them. Have a journal and write down any worries and thoughts and then you can think easily when your mind is clear on how to resolve them' 
Aamira - 'If you feel that it's getting too much ie. the workload, the revision ect. take a break! Watch tv, browse the internet or get something to eat but make sure to limit your break time because the more you rest, the less motivated you'll be to work and the more work load and stress you'll have to deal with.' 
Rachel - 'Listening to calming music, or roll around on the floor. Odd but it works' 

If you deal with stress then let me know your tips on how you manage with it, and if you ever need someone to talk that isn't your friend or family member then feel free to talk to me!


Darling Jordan said...

Totally agree with your tips, especially the sleep one! x

Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

Unknown said...

Ohh gosh I needed to read this post. I've felt so overwhelmed and Anxious this week and I know its all to do with stress. I find talking to someone and having a good sleep extremely helpful. Also having a good cry or just going outside and listening to music helps me too :) x

Caitriona Tighe

Class and Glitter said...

Sleep is so important! x

Class and Glitter said...

Glad its helped you in some way! And I love talking to someone, and ooh having a good cry is always good x