Diwali Nails| BarryM Rockstar Glitterati

BarryM Rockstar Glitterati

If you saw my post a few days ago then you will have read all about my makeup that I wore for Diwali, if not read it here. So, I thought I would also share with you my nails for the special occasion and of course they had to be glittery, bright and over the top! Just a side note, these are not my real nails they are the ones that I rave about from Primark but just in a plain colour and then I painted over it and they looked amazing...On these nails I used two coats of the BarryM polish and had to leave it to dry in-between but eventually it worked out well! 

The best part, is that because these are fake and they have so much glitter on them I won't have to even scrub it off my nails because the nails can be either re-used or binned! Perfecto combo!! This whole collection looks stunning and I would really like to get the others before they take them away....

Have you tried any of the Glitterati Polishes???

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