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Summer Drugstore
Summer is officially here! Woooo. Here is the guest post I did on Jenny's blog! To mean it means only one thing, getting rid of all the dark makeup and bringing out the bright colours, summer is all about the lighter bases and for me that pop of colour on the lips and nails. Today I am going to talk you through my favourites for this season from the drug store/boots/superdrug. I found it very difficult to narrow down to just a few products..but I seem to have managed. 

The Face

Summer Drugstore

Simple Illuminating Cream // Since owning this, I haven't stopped using it. I love to use it under any type of bb cream and foundation. It gives that dewy kind of look yet doesn't look overdone and too much.
Collection Bronze Glow // I am not the biggest fan of bronzers but something about something about this is amazing. I don't swirl the brush around the whole thing, instead just the corners?! And apply a little bit.
Sleek Rose Gold Blush // Again blusher is something I am slowly getting into, and this is really what also started the rose gold obsession. Amazing everyday blush to quickly apply and rush out the door.
The Lips
Summer Drugstore 
Summer Drugstore
Revlon Vivacious Balm // I've actually worn this through winter as well, but for summer this is perfect. It is fairly sheer and can be built up for it to be like wow in your face.
MUA Kiss & Tell // This is more of a gloss and very heavy duty but lasts all day on your lips, similar to the rimmel lip lacquers. You can see in the swatch above that this is a deep pink. 
Revlon Sweet Tart Lip Butter //  If you're not daring and want to keep it natural then this and any of the lip butters are perfect for you because they are sheer and moisturising. 
Maybelline Baby Lips // I bought this in the pound shop the other day and they are the original baby lips and for a £1 you can't go wrong.
The Nails
Summer Drugstore
The hardest of them all. I could have shown you about 20 different colours and brands ect but I have some how managed to narrow it down to only three!! Yes three.
Rimmel Hip Hop // Ahh, the formula of these are amazing and I really want to try more. I seem to be really liking rimmel at the idea why! This beautiful coral/red colour is that perfect toe nails colour to show through your sandals.
Rimmel Breakfast in Bed // A new one to the collection and currently on both my fingers and toes (very chipped ) but a beautiful colour so it can stay on for as long as it likes. When I heard HelloOctober/ Susie rave about it I knew I had to get my hands on asap and boy I am glad I did.
Essie Bikini So Teeny // A oldie but a goodie. Essie is just amazing and I think that everyone should have this shade in their collection as it suits everyone and the formula and brush is amazing.


What Rachel Writes said...

The revlon butter looks lovely, looks nice and natural, might have to give it a try! Love all of these products :)
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Class and Glitter said...

It is such a great everyday lip colour, and I will of course follow your blog!