The Birthday Edit + First Ever MAC Purchase!

First Ever MAC Purchase!
Last Friday it was my 17th Birthday! Time flies and I honestly couldn't believe that the year has gone so fast and turning 13 seemed like yesterday. I thought I would take pictures of all my celebrations and a teen tiny haul! Not bragging or showing off, but it has been ages since I have a haul on here!
Outfit + Nails
First Ever MAC Purchase!First Ever MAC Purchase!
On the actual friday I was actually at work experience, and decided to go there with this birthday girl badge on that is really cute. The dress I am wearing is from Primark and have fallen in love with because the fit is beautiful as well as the pattern of it, I wore it with some black pumps but think that some heels in either nude or black would look great as well! Then on my nails I had this gorgeous colour on from Rimmel; Breakfast in Bed by Rita Ora is my go to shade at the moment. 
First Ever MAC Purchase!

First Ever MAC Purchase!

The first two things were bought a little earlier than my birthday, as when we went to the Ideal Home Show in Manchester there was a makeup store (Cherry Berry Cosmetics also online) and their prices were a tiny little bit reduced. So I bought a MAC Glaze Lipstick in Hue which is such a gorgeous colour to wear everyday and I now want to buy lots more lipsticks because they look so pretty! I also picked up a MAC Bronzing Powder as I have been on the hunt for a new bronzer for months and when I saw this I didn't even think twice about it.
First Ever MAC Purchase!
First Ever MAC Purchase!

First Ever MAC Purchase!

Then my lovely friends also spoilt me rotten this year! With all these lovely gifts that I have fallen in love with. Aamira bought me a MAC Lip gloss that goes great with my lipstick so that is my new everyday lip combo I can already sense it. Along with that she also bought me a box of chocolates which I gobbled up very quickly as well as the white statement necklace you can see in the 2nd picture, which I already know how to wear and what to wear with. The other necklace was from the work experience placement I was on last week which was very sweet of them, and the perfume is from my brother! The Debenhams gift card which will be spent very quickly is from Nicole as well as a Little Mix cup that I am currently drinking out of as we speak. The candle is a firm favourite in our household as well as that I received an entire pack of stationery from Charlotte the book, notebook, folder and everything to keep me organised for the new school year! 

I feel very lucky to have got all these things and much more which I didn't photograph, thank you all for reading!


Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day!
Looks like you got some great products!
I love Yankee Candles but am yet to fork out money to get one haha

x x

Class and Glitter said...

Thank you so much! You can get them in Asda more much cheaper! xxx