Manomai Cream||Review

Manomai Cream

A few weeks back I got asked to review this very different and unusual cream Manomai came all the way from Thailand and I was really intrigued my the claims and benefits of it as well as the ingredients. To read more about the company and where the idea for this cream from read it here.
To get this cream sent out to you or even me, I had to select my blood type and I didn't know off the top of my head what it was...but then I read the descriptions and found my perfect match..blood type B! Who knew?!
Manomai Cream
I've been applying this serum for a few weeks on top of my moisturiser and boy have I seen a big difference. All the natural ingredients in this are also very soothing to the skin and have helped to even out the skin tone and kind of helped with acne breakouts. It recommends using it every day and night, which I have been doing but have now switched to only using it at night and found that it helps a lot more.
Manomai Cream
The formula of this serum is very watery but once on the skin it disappears and is really weird to describe.
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