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Cutagen Skincare

Skincare is becoming such an important thing of mine recently, when dealing with exam stress and general everyday life problems my skin tends to get worse rather than anything else. I also find I have to really look at the ingredients I use and how to use products. Today I introduce to Cutagen a brand that believes that that everyone can have beautiful skin, they cater for all skin types and use the wonderful world of science to create products suited to specific needs. All there products are safe to use and they are 100% British.
Cutagen Skincare
I recently got sent some samples to try out and thought that I would show you guys just how good they are. With the samples I recieved a booklet outlining the different types of skin types there are and what classes as each one, this picture isn't the clearest but you can find all the contents of the booklet online
Where it takes you through step my step to find the perfect products for you, after having a good read I found that my skin fitted under the 'Combination, Oily, Blemished and Acne Skin' and know that I started to use the samples that I have.

The main one that I was focused on using is the Gentlecare Clarifying Moisturiser and Hand & Body I used this for a week and have seen such a big difference in my skin, the samples are a decent size and I got a lot of use out of them. Saying this, I am considering about buying the full size which retails at the small price of £5.49. Each of their moisturisers do different things and are targeted towards different things, so make sure have a read before buying!
Cutagen Skincare

I also tried the bath and shower cleanser and found that I felt squeaky clean afterwards, and this time used the dry skin one as the rest of my body is very dry and problematic! 
Hope you enjoyed this review and upcoming post, be sure to check out Cutagen out below...

*this post contains pr samples

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