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The Lip Product Addict TAG

Good day fellow lip stick addicts! Over the last few months I have recently become very obsessed with lip products and can't help my self when it comes to buying them. I am still sticking to nudes and finding it hard to move along but its all down to preferences. This tag was originally created by Amelia and you can check out her video with Estée here, you've probably seen it already! Today I thought I would do the tag, and this post is a collaboration with Emily from EmilyPlace. Make sure you go and check out her blog, her version of this post and everything else as well as giving her a follow on bloglovin'..the both of us have become really good friends all because of blogging! Awww! 
The Lip Product Addict TAG
1.Favourite balm/treatment?
I think everyone has cheated some point in this tag and I have definitely! The first thing I love as a balm is the Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream, this stuff smells amazing and I love that it gives your lips a slight shine and leaves them feeling super soft and silky. The other is a newer one in my collection, this is the Balance Me limited edition tinted lip salve - sheer raspberry this stuff is great for those natural days because as well as smelling nice they also hydrate your lips and give you a glossy finish.
2. Best eye-catching red?
Okay, so I have realised that I am not a big red girl! I seem to have more pinks of all different shades rather than reds, but I managed to find one from MUA that shows up more pink in the swatch below than it actually is. I have declared my love for MUA lipsticks in Shade 10 time and time again because you can not go wrong for the price.
3. Best luxury & best drugstore?
I also don't own many luxury lipsticks, but then I think that any lipstick no matter what the price can be classified as luxury. My one true love is this one from YSL that has no name and could be classed in the category above as it is this lovely deep red. For drug store I have so many it was hard to pick just one, but I have to give this one to the Kate Moss Rimmel Lipsticks because the formula and colours of these things are amazing and the nude one is now a everyday lipstick of mine and I have bought it twice!
4. Best MAC lipstick?
Okay, so...I don't actually own a MAC lipstick! I never have and hopefully will after posting this because I think its about time. So many people recommend shades on twitter, which makes my life easier. But I have never wanted one if you get me!

5. The most disappointing?
I never thought I would be answering this question, but I think it has come down to one disappointing product that I really wanted to love. I love the revlon lip butter's I think they great value for money and the range of shades are crazy. However, the lip butter in Crème Brulee  is just awful. I thought the nice sounding name and colour on first look would be amazing, but I thought wrong the colour is awful on my skin tone and I hate the little gold specks inside its just eurgh! 
6. Liner - yes or no?
I own two liners that I would be happy with re-purchasing but for me liners are only ever for special occasions and nothing else. The BYS lip liner in Natural is the perfect lip liner to use under any nude lipstick when you want it to be a little more show stopping. The other time I like to line my lips is when I wear a red lip (not that often like I said before) but when I do I go for the Models Own lip liner which is not available online, as I got it at the Clothes Show. Amazing formula and great colour.
7. Best gloss?
I own so many lip glosses I could open a little shop! But my favourite has to be the Tanya Burr lipgloss in Afternoon Tea perfect everyday lip gloss, as well as looking amazing on top of other lip colours. Her whole line smells amazing and applies like a dream on your lips.
8. Something extra!
I had to mention these beauties in this section, these are the Revlon Matte Balms in Sultry and Elusive.  I like the lacquers as well but the matte ones are the way to go, having two at the moment does not please me! I am really wanting to purchase more of them because they are the best things that have ever been invented. Ever. I adore the way they glide on your lips, the staying power is right up there with the ysl lipstick and they are super pigmented!

Hope you enjoyed reading, and let me know if you need to become a part of Lipstick Anonymous!


Unknown said...

I totally get what you're saying about not really wanting a MAC lipstick. I don't particularly want one, and won't go out of my way to purchase one, but who knows - maybe one day all of that will change.

Came across your blog through The Bloggers Snail Mail summer round! :)

Amanda @

Class and Glitter said...

Glad I'm not the only one that thinks that way!And maybe it will change one day!