Real Techniques vs Ebay Brushes

Well, nearly a year ago I bought some Real Techniques ( RT) from Ebay, you can find the whole review of those brushes here - several types on this blog I have used these brushes and talked about because I just love them. Recently, I got the actually RT core collection which comes with the brushes in. So, I thought I would compare both the fake and the real versions of the buffing brushes, of course their are differences because no one is legally allowed to copy something exactly. But I always get asked whether it's worth it to splurge or save! 
Left Dupe| Right Real

Design - This was the first thing that shouted out to me, at first view you can see the size is the biggest difference. Not only the Dupe being much longer in length but it is also much wider, in some ways I actually prefer the thicker handle as I find it much easier to handle and control. The other thing with the design is the colour of the brush, the dupe is more copper and the real is much more golden which I like a lot better. Then we have the bottom of the brush, no idea how I didn't realise this at first because of my silly eye sight..but in fact the dupe has a metal bottom and the real has a rubber bottom which is much more comfy to use. 

Brush - Then there's a difference in the brush. Both are really soft and apply your makeup perfectly. You can see the dupe on the left below is much smaller than the real on the right, I don't see this as the biggest problem because any size is perfect because you make it work for you. The brushes are also different colour, the real one is black and then white and the dupe being brown and then a off white. 
Application - This really has been mentioned all the way through this post but there isn't much to say to about the application. I have found that both brushes work really well for me and both are just as good as each other. 

Overall| I honestly can't choose between the two, I think the Real Techniques will be your best purchase because they last for ages and are the original ones. But the dupes are just as long lasting and mine have lasted me nearly a year and still going strong. Price wise buy the Ebay ones because they are much cheaper, quality wise I would go for the RT ones because they are fit for purpose.

Hope you enjoyed!

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