Products I've Used Up #2

Products I've Used Up #2
After my the amazing response to my first Products I've Used Up post. I decided to carry on collecting the products I have finished and talk about them again. 
- Tresemme Shampoo|| Love this shampoo so much, and since finishing I have bought another one that I hauled about. I hardly ever repurchase shampoos because I am really funny with them, some are great for my hair and some make my hair look awful! But this one is amazing.
- Superdrug Nail Polish Remover|| Just a simple and cheap remover that I used up! Nothing to really say..
- Oval Cosmetic Pads|| Life is so much easier if you use oval shaped cotton pads, they really help with removing all your makeup and are way easier to use than round ones.
- Primark Face Wipes|| I didn't have very high hopes for these wipes, but the two sided thing made me fall in love! These cucumber wipes come with an exfoilating side and a normal side, doing two jobs for you in one easy step.
-Batiste Dry Shampoo|| I decided to try out a small dry shampoo bottle first, before committing to a big one. And I have! Love this stuff for lazy hair days and for extra volume. 
- Natural Collection+Maybelline Colour Show Top Coat|| Both are my favourite drug store top coats, because of the price and the quality! They are amazing and I have used up every single drop.
-Natural Collection Concealer||Finally I finished this up! I love using NC products but for some reason my skin and this product don't seem to be getting along very well recently! 
- MUA BB Cream|| At first I loved this product and would really rave about it! But then suddenly I hated it, it broke me out everywhere on my cheeks (still suffering now!) and also didn't sit very well on the skin. It was however the perfect shade match for me, which is a shame. 

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