What's In My Handbag| Spring/Summer

Back in December I did a What's in my Handbag post and found it so much fun, so I thought now that spring is here, it is time to switch up the bag and show you again!
What's In My Handbag| Spring/Summer

Okay, first of all the actual bag! How beautiful is this beauty. I recently made this splurge because I was desperate for a smaller bag that was also all spring and summery. Luck was on my side and I had a voucher to spend so I decided to shop on the New Look site and along came this one, and ever since I have loved it! For me, it is the perfect size for everyday and fits everything in! Let's take a good look inside!
What's In My Handbag| Spring/Summer
Purse//Primark - Same as my last post, need a new one but I can't seem to find one that I love! It keeps all my coins and cards in safely.
Headphones//Samsung - These came with my phone and I always have to keep them on me, I love listening to music, pod-cast's and great for you tube videos!
Hand Food//Soap and Glory - Ahhh, this little bottle of amazingness is my life saver. I love carrying around a small bottle of hand cream as it is the easiest thing to use when my hands get dirty.
Mentos// Whether its chewing gum or sweets I need something to have in my bag to snack on when I'm a little peckish and these things are the best thing to have as they are sweet/sour/fruity.
212 Perfume// Of course we have to have some perfume in the bag, I love this one for the summer time because it smells fresh and fruity and no joke with only one spray it lasts you all long.
Deodorant// Why wouldn't you carry a bottle? You are always going to need a spritz of this, or someone else is so I like to carry the compressed bottles with me as it doesn't take up much room.
Phone// Just my phone with my case on, my life.
Makeup Bag//Next - I love carrying a little makeup bag with me in my bag because it is the easiest way to carry all my essentials without stuffing them in one pocket or all over my bag.
What's In My Handbag| Spring/Summer
This is what I keep inside of that little bag!
Hair Bobble// For when my hair is getting on my nerves I need to have a bobble to put it off my face.
Lipstick// This Party Proof lipstick is a great nude to just pop on without having to look in a mirror as it isn't messy.
Powder// Now that I use the Rimmel Powder everyday, I can use the body shop one in my handbag. Its great when you get shiny, oily and comes with a mirror inside.
Lipgloss// If not in the mood for lipstick, I tend to go for a lip gloss and this one from MUA is my favourite because the colour is nude (of course) and it lasts forever. 
Mascara// Same as the last one, the No7 mini one, and does its job of being a mascara. Nothing special about it for me but I love using it in an emergency.
Witch Concealer// This is in a shade that needs to be applied after my foundation, and I find that the formula of this concealer is easier to use on the go as it is very creamy. 

That's it for this post, I love reading and watching these types of videos and thought it would be fun!

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