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I paint my nails alot, and sometime they can get really tired and weak because of the nail polish and the acetone that I put on them. Even though I leave them to rest every once in a while, they still look weak and cracked. So, when I came across Fresh Therapies I was amazed that you can create nail polish remover and wipes that are natural and kind to your skin and nails. I put the Natural Nail Polish Remover* and the Replenishing Wipes* to the test to see how they work and if they beg to differ from normal remover. The wipes and remover both have hints of lime and that hits you straight away when you start to use them. Neither of these products harm your nails as all the ingredients are natural and fresh, doing no harm to the body and perfect with those like me with sensitive skin or even ill or pregnant.
Fresh Therapies Remover+WipesFresh Therapies Remover+Wipes
Before and After. Nails; BarryM Guava

I used the wipes and remover on one hand, but split the usage up between my fingers. I found the wipes much easier to use than the remover because it was already soaked in the remover. These wipes would be great for travelling as well, as you don't have to carry everything around with you. The packet says that the wipe is suitable for all 10 fingers and I think it would just stretch to all of them, if you have a dark nail polish on or one that is likely to stain then it does need a real good scrub. The remover is equally as good, is removes the nail polish off your nails and leaves your nails feeling amazing. 

If you are wanting something to remove your nail polish that is quick and easy then these products are definitely for you!
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*this post contains pr samples

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