Blogmas Day 16 || Festive Berry Makeup ♥

If you are a little strapped for cash this month (as most of us are) I decided to create a little shopping list for you all that won't tear that purse of yours. Here a few drugstore items that you can to create an amazing festive look - my theme was to keep it natural with bold coloured lips/nails. Everything on the picture and mentioned is linked at the end!

Primer - If you want your makeup to last as long as possible then you need to apply some primer that suits your skin best..I suggest trying this out in advance rather than on the day you decide to look pretty. A smooth base will allow you to apply your makeup easier and give you that flawless finish.
Foundation - You don't always have to go for a full coverage foundation, but I find that for special occasions we like a little more coverage. Personally, I like using high coverage foundations that don't need any concealer on top..this is saving you and money. If you feel the need to cover and conceal a little more then just apply a small amount of your foundation and blend it well.
Bronzer - If you prefer the tanned, bronzed look then contour those cheeks and your temples to look amazing. I think that matt bronzers are much better than shimmer ones as it doesn't make you look mucky and is easier to pile on the colour.
Blusher - Bourjous for me own it, when it comes to blushes. And these cream blushes are great as they last a lot longer and you can apply as little or as much as you want depending on your preferred look.Blushes come in so many different colours and shades. 
Mascara - I haven't added much eye makeup for this festive look as the lips are very bold, so you want your lips to be the centre of attention not your heavy eyes. Of course you can add neutral eye shadows if you want and some eyeliner, but I like a good coat of mascara to seal the deal and this one from Rimmel really gives you volume.
Nail Polish - I love matching my nails to my makeup/outfit and this Raspberry colour from BarryM is perfect as it only really requires one coat and you are good to go in a rush. The colour is beautiful and perfect for this festive season. And BarryM are so affordable as well.
Lipgloss - This lipgloss from Revlon is what I based this whole look around, if you pick one bold bright lip colour then work the rest of your face around it not the other way round. Even those these are very sheer, you can build it up with a lip liner, lipstick or even just the gloss on its own. 


Dee said...

Hey I saw your tweet at Tanya Burr and that's how I found your blog :-)

I love berry colors and I wish our bourjois counter carried these blushes :-)

You have a lovely blog :-)
Have a nice day ,
Dee -

Class and Glitter said...

Awww! Hello! Thank you xx