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I love discovering new make-up brands and playing around with them to wear different looks and moving away from your traditional brands that are available in store. One of the new brands I have recently found out about is called 'Smooch'. In this post I will be telling you about the brand and review a few of their products! 

About Smooch
“Cosmetics with Sex Appeal”
Smooch are know for their overall concept, which is creating make up that has saucy and sex feel to it without it being rude and disgusting! Their lacy and saucy packaging comes in a variety of colours and represents a drawer of lingerie. They want you to enjoy the make up that you are using and enjoy it, they are their to inspire the world of cosmetics. 
Smooch want you to feel confident and the packaging is there so when you open it up you have this product that will make you feel and look great every time.

Smooch Cosmetics
Smooch Cosmetics 
If you think the photo looks pretty, you should see them in real life they are stunning! The design and overall packaging is totally cute and the names of each of their products are so well names and unusual to anything else you just want to wear it all the time!

Smooch Cosmetics
First up is lipstick my current and most recent addiction! These three colours and gorgeous and different to anything I have used before so at first when I swatched them on my had they were frightening...but on my lips I fell in love with them!! They are also very soft and easy to glide on to the lips and I have dry lips and this worked like a treat as well as staying on for ages!
Smooch Cosmetics

First up is 'Popping Pink' this is the colour that I have fallen head over heels for because it is a candy coloured pink lipstick that is sheer when applied, so the more you apply the more you are starting to build the colour up.

Smooch Cosmetics

'Hot Lips' is up next and this is a deep coral lipstick that just looks utterly stunning. Even though many think that coral is a summer lipstick this is perfect for the winter because it is much darker than your average coral colour and looks lovely in the day time.

-Smooch Cosmetics

And finally in the trio of lipsticks is 'Inferno'  which is what put me of the lipsticks at first as I have never been this daring with colours on my lips. But that all changed when I applied it as it is gawgus! When testing these I had neutral make up on and this lip colour added that big pop of colour that you need to refresh your every day make up look! 
Smooch Cosmetics

Next up is the eye-shadow duo that is the perfect combo for the winter time, these two shades are heaven. The packaging is super chic and elegant as it is black and professional in my opinion. 'Filthy Rich' is a duo made up of a pearl coloured shadow and a copper coloured; that do not only work well together but will also look great paired and blended in together! Blending will create more of a sharp look as the colours totally contrast one another


As many of you know I do not have a huge collection of bronzers stocked up as I don't wear them very often! I think that is about to change, only because this bronzer is lovely and is one that doesn't make you look to muddy or even appear very dark on my skin which is always my main problem. 'Smooched' is a bronzer that comes with a small applicator that I think is great to contour your cheeks as it is very small and easy to use. It is a golden colour that will add definition and highlight to you make up look. 

Hope you all enjoyed this review and be sure to find out more about Smooch using the links down below and maybe make a few cheeky purchases for Christmas as everything is so affordable!

*pr sample sent for consideration to review*


Gemma Etc. said...

The middle lipstick is gorgeous, I love coral lip shades! I've never tried anything from Smooch before, but it all looks lovely xx

Gemma //

Heather Nixon said...

I have never heard of this brand, the products look great though x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

Class and Glitter said...

It looks great with copper coloured eyes and they are an amazing brand!!


Class and Glitter said...

Not many people have but they are greatt!! xx