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I first head about the 'Sexy Hair Products' on Beauty Bay, but there is so much choice that I didn't know what to get! When I had the chance to review ones that were perfect for my hair type I couldn't wait to see how they worked with my difficult hair type!
Sexy Hair Products

First up your classic hairspray,but this isn't no already hairspray! Not only does it keep your hair in place all day but it adds volume at the same time and my mum told me when I had it on my hair that it gives it a lovely shine that doesn't make it look greasy or oily! And because it is healthy it also protects from environmental damage. 

Sexy Hair Products

I only curly my hair every so often, but my mum has extremely curly hair - like thick curly hair. So, I gave her the chance to review this and try it out as that would be more beneficial than me! It is now her holy grail product as she finds that it doesn't knot her hair up after she has dried it. It also conditions your hair to leave it looking really lovely! Saying that I also used it over night when I 'waved' my hair and it worked like a gem and kept the curls.

Sexy Hair Products

Finally. the one I was most excited to try! 
According to the bottle this is new and I had never heard of it so I was really excited, as it claims to help humidity and for a girl who walks in the wind all the time and we are currently in the windy/rainy season I really wanted to put this to the test. Oh my goodness me! This stuff smells amazing and keeps me hair protected from the humid conditions outside. Frizz is controlled and you can still have that volume from the morning. 

*pr samples sent by lwpr, all opinions expressed are my own*


Inez said...

They all sound fabulous, I need to check them out, xoxo.

Jennifer - Barely There Beauty said...

I've heard great things about the hairspray, keep telling myself to try it and always end up just sticking with good old Elnett!

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Class and Glitter said...

You should, they are great!1

Class and Glitter said...

I love elnett as well, but not am addicted to this one! x