October Favourites ♥

First of all I would like to apologise for not doing a September Favourites, there wasn't a great deal of new things or even old things that I had been loving that month so I thought instead of boring you guys I would just leave that month out! However, I have got some October Favourites to share with you and my oh my is there a range of them!

October Favourites
First up skincare, I have been loving both these things from Nivea this month as I suffer from really bad dry skin in the autumn and winter months. So these have been my skin care saviours! The Nivea lotion for me is great to use on my legs, arms and body as it really nourishes my skin and leaves it feeling silky soft all day long. The pink tub, is there hydration express primer and holy moly I am in love with it. There will be a full review coming up on this but for now let me just tell you that this primer works so well at keeping my make up on my face all day; but it also helps with the dry patches and gives them love so that my foundation doesn't appear flaky and patchy.
October Favourites

Another skincare saviour this month, has to be the Tea Tree oil from Superdrug, I used a little bit of this on a cotton round every night for a week to soothe and calm down my breakouts. Not only did it help with the redness and spots, but it also helped with the scaring I have from previous breakouts. The scent can be very intimidating for some and was for me at first, but after a few tries and go's with it you just become immune to it.
October Favourites

Then for the more beauty items, I have been loving the body shop oil control powder. I have used this nearly everyday on my face over the bb cream I am currently using and it has such a nice finish and works well with my other products to give me a long lasting finish. A nail polish that has to be mentioned in this months favourites is 'Black Cherries' by Rimmel, I haven't stopped reapplying this on my toes since the start of the month, even though it lasts for ages I like to redo the colour as a touch up. It is a lovely deep purple with a slight hint of black in it. For school I have been loving both these lip products equally as they both give my everyday look some natural glow. The baby lips is in 'Peach Kiss' and the Party Proof lipstick in 'Kitty' are both nudes, the party proof one is more of a pinky nude then the other which is a brown nude. Both of these give my lips some colour during the day and complete my whole face.
October Favourites  October Favourites

Here are the more random favourites for this month - starting off with food! I have been craving these Caramel Snack A Jack's all month, they are the perfect sweet treat when you want something sweet and sugary yet is very healthy for you. I like to eat these on their own as well as with a spread of peanut butter on top - heaven on a plate.

This months music favourite has to be from The Vamps and their song 'Can We Dance', I only really heard this song a few weeks back and since then have completely fallen in love with it and the band its self to be honest. The song is very catchy and great to get into a good mood on one of those days..

Something else that I have been loving these weekend is the new series that Khila a.k.a 'MissBudgetBeauty' has started on her vlog channel. For those of you who don't know who she is then.. where have you been? Khila is a mum to two, with a vlog, blog and beauty channel! She has just finished doing Vlogtober and I have been loving one of the videos as part of her 'Khila Talks' series which is where she does like a chat show with other youtubers and bloggers about life! The one I have been loving is about Time Management, and I really learnt a few things from that video. 
If you haven't heard of Khila before or never seen her videos or even blog posts then I highly recommend you do so! 

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