Blogging Beauty Buddies Collab ♥

Well, A while back I stumbled upon a lovely blog run by two amazing girls ‘Blogging Beauty Buddies’ Sophia and Ainsley from the states and are the masterminds behind the blog and I really wanted to do a collab with them and now after a long time we have finally done it! So I emailed the girls a few questions so I could get to know their style a little bit better and I have come up with an outfit for both of them that I hope they love and maybe when they come to the UK they can purchase!

Blogging Beauty Buddies Collab

First up is Ainsely’s outfit. She told me that her style was very ‘girly yet low maintenance’ so I created more of a night time/ date outfit that I think would be perfect for her. Her must have summer beauty product is lip balm and this one from the body shop ‘born lippy range’ is the best smelling thing ever. It not only smells amazing but also leaves your lips feeling silky and soft. Now for outfit, these cotton/linen blend shorts are perfect for the summer and the colour looks great with a soft golden tan. I have teamed it up with a top that I think I just may have to buy for I because the stunning dark gold details that replace a chunky necklace. Both these colours look great together because they just work.  I have then teamed it up with a chunky gold bracelet that looks uber cute paired with this outfit and goes perfect with these gold strappy sandals that give you the perfect excuse for showing off your summer nails! As we have a lot of the same colour scheme going on I think that a black tote bag would be the best, as it just seems to neutralise the colour scheme that we have going on. 

Sophia then said that her style was ‘simple’ so I decided to do a everyday/ girly day out outfit that you can actually dress up more than this. Skater skirts are super great for the summer time and this denim one with the buttons on it adds a touch of glamour to a simple skirt. Teamed with a lace trimmed crop top you are showing off that skirt and your waist at the same time, as a t-shirt would just look funny.  Her summer make up must have is mascara and I think the perfect one for summer is the rocket volume express  and you have to have waterproof for the summer you know due to the pool and sea. For accessories in the day you have to keep it simple due to day time only because too much can look overpowering. So a simple chunky bangle will look great teamed with some comfy pumps, because you have to be comfortable to look chic. And finally to finish a beautiful floral print over the shoulder bag which gives you enough room to store all your goods.
I hope you guys enjoyed this, I love creating these outfit posts and loved doing these collabs with other bloggers. Please go check out the girls over on their blog and follow them because they are great! 

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Yanzel said...

Love both outfits! Very pretty :)

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