Real Techniques Dupes? ♥

Real Techniques Dupes?
I understand if you are slightly confused by the title, but I am telling you the truth and nothing but the truth. I have recently become a online shop-o-holic and when I stumbled across ebay, I couldn't help myself to be honest. And I stumbled upon these make up brushes and ordered just two to test them out.  I then put the title into google and saw several blog posts with great reviews and just had to click buy. I haven't got the actual version of these brushes but judging by other photos they are very very similar. 
Real Techniques Dupes?

I ordered the dupe of the stippling brush and the contour brush, which is style 01 and 02 which to me both look just like the actual brushes, a very similar colour and format. The texture is also very soft and it does the job perfectly. These brushes are available in other colours, which makes it different to the other brushes and there is a logo on the side. 
Real Techniques Dupes?

The great thing about these brushes are that they stop you from buying a whole RT collection if you only want certain brushes and that is why this is a even better investment as you can't buy separate brushes which is a shame.

Real Techniques Dupes?

Real Techniques Dupes?

The quality of these are great. And the they got dispatched the day after I had ordered them and then they arrived before the date they were due, I was taken by surprise. 

You can buy the brushes here


Anna said...

Thanks for the great information! I've been looking for some new brushes, I may have to check these out!

Check out my new giveaway on my blog if you get the chance!

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Heather Nixon said...

They do look like real techniques brushes, although I don't think they would be the same quality - I love RT brushes :) x