Travel Supermarket Beauty and The Beach Two ♥

For the past two years; Travel Supermarket have ran a competition for bloggers called 'beauty and the beach'. All you have to do is post your favourite holiday hair, nails or make up and explain how you achieved the look. It is very easy and you can find out more.

I have decided to enter the nails and hair category!


When it comes to summer time and painting my nails I like having something simple but with a twist! I am not a nail art professional, but I like to have a go every now and then. I also like doing things on my nails that don't take that long because I can't wait for my nails to dry and this is super easy and quick!

 Travel Supermarket Beauty and The Beach Two

- 2 Nail Polishes ( One Base + Flower Colour)
I am going to be using the BarryM Gelly in 'Blueberry' as this is a gorgeous blue colour for summer time and these nail polishes last for ages! Along with Essie 'Cascade Cool' another lovely colour for the summer time and for the beach.
- Hair Grip

Step 1 - First of all you need to paint all your nails the base colour, I recommend applying two coats as it gives you a better colour.
Step 2 - With your chosen polish for the flower, dab some onto a piece of paper to make using the polish a lot easier! Grab your hair grip, open it up and dip it in the polish!
Step 3 - Before painting onto my nails, I practised on the piece of paper - to make sure I'm not shaking.
Step 4 - Then go ahead and paint the flower on to your nail; starting with the centre and working your way out.
 Travel Supermarket Beauty and The Beach Two

Clean up any mess with a cotton bud and apply a top coat to seal in your design! And hey presto you have your very own dotting tool and pretty nails!


I have long hair and I have previously had short hair too. I know that summer can be a pain for all types and lengths of hair, you just want to do something with it that doesn't require heat and effort! This hairstyle is super easy and requires sleep! This is so easy, you are going to be amazed that you can get easy, no stress, heat-less waves over night!

You Will Need;
- Salt Spray/Curling Spray ( optional )
- Clips
- Hairspray

Step 1 - Wash your hair the night before and let it dry naturally so that your hair becomes damp.
Step 2 - Split your hair into two and comb it threw to remove any knots and tangles. Spray the hair with either salt spray or a curling spray ( this step is optional, it works with or without the product!)
 Travel Supermarket Beauty and The Beach Two

Step 3. Starting at the front, twist your hair until you get to the end and clip it up with any sort of clips you can find!
 Travel Supermarket Beauty and The Beach Two

Step 4 - Spray Hairspray evenly throughout the hair to keep it in place over night! Then have a good night's sleep.

Step 5- In the morning when you're all ready, take the clips out and shake your hair around to add some volume and style it as you like!

 Travel Supermarket Beauty and The Beach Two
 Travel Supermarket Beauty and The Beach Two

With this look I love, creating two plaits and pinning them back for a boho look!


Unknown said...

Ooh I've never thought of using a hair grip as a dotting tool! Definitely going to give it a try :)

Emily x

Class and Glitter said...

it is a lifesaver! <3


Yanzel said...

Great hair & nails idea! Super easy & simple.

Zoe // The Caribbean Flower