Pout Pamper + DIY Lip Scrub ♥

After yesterday's post on giving your self a manicure in this cold weather, I thought I would upload a post today and tomorrow along the trend of Winter! Brrrr! When the weather turns cold I always find that my lips become dry, chapped and nasty!! So here are a few simple steps you can do if your lips change in the cold weather!
DIY Lip Scrub

You know how your Exfoliate your face and skin to remove all the dry skin cells..? Well you should do the exact same to your lips! It may seem really odd at first but by scrubbing them you are protecting them from chapping. You can buy 3 different flavoured lip scrubs at LUSH for £5.25 each and it is worth every penny you spend! You can buy them here :) If you don't want to go out in this cold weather and buy the scrubs, you can make your own at home!

DIY Lip Scrub

You will need ..

  • Sugar (white or brown will do) 
  • Oil ( olive, light, coconut, almond whatever!)
  • Honey
  • Small Container/ Used up lip balm container (if you are going to be making lots!
I recommend using whatever amount of ingredients you want, depending on how much you are planning on making! To achieve this super scrub, all you have to do is combine the sugar and oil together in a small bowl or the container you may be using until the sugar absorbs the oil. Add a small squirt of honey to mould the mixture for the scrub together - this way it will have a texture that isn't messy to use. Transfer the mixture into a container or apply onto your lips to remove the flaky skin you may have.

Day & Night

Day - I always carry around a lip balm, so whenever my lips need a little bit of therapy I will have something handy!   DON'T ever be shy with the amount of balm you apply - go over the top if you must! It will help your lips soo much and leave them irresistibly soft!

Night - When it comes to bedtime, apply your lip balm on your lips, so you can wake up with smooth, luscious lips! At night I prefer using Vaseline  because I feel comfortable sleeping in it and it doesn't make my lips sticky .. if you get me?! I love the Vaseline range, any of their products make me fall in LOVE!! My fav lip balm has to be the Rosy one - because it's pink! This is available to buy almost anywhere! Or you can buy it online !

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