Wardrobe Essentials! Winter Edition ♥

There are those certain things that everyone women/girl should have in there wardrobe especially in WINTER! .. here is my top 5 things that you SHOULD probably have!

1. Leggings - Black,Grey,Blue, green whatever colour! Everyone needs those comfy, stretchy leggings in the wardrobe that you can go and wear whatever the occasion, you could wear them during the day and dress it down .. or even wear it at night and dress it up!

2. Boots- I adore wearing boots In the winter! They are so comfy and look amazing with any outfit. For winter I prefer wearing knee high black/brown boots or even ankle booties. They look perfect with some jeans or even leggings! Ugg boots (fake or real) are also great for the winter time!

3. Jumpers - Seriously though... Why wouldn't you have a jumper in you wardrobe when the weather is dreadfully cold!! I Love the big oversized jumpers/sweaters that you can buy and just wear with leggings or even a pair of jeans! It's an item of clothing that just makes you feel relaxed and warm at the same time!

4. Jeans- whatever style of jeans you have from skinny to boot cut  straight to long length. Every person should have a pair of go to jeans that they know they can rely on. I have several Pairs of jeans that I depend on during winter...with out them I'd be lost!!! Jeans make you feel so cool/warm in the winter and look perfect with practically anything else you have in your wardrobe; as well as things mentioned in this post.

5: And finally...the scarf! Having a scarf during winter isn't 'uncool' it's the next possible accessory you could have during the winter. You could wear it to keep you warm, however I also use it to update my outfit and add a little splash of colour or print to my over all fabric! Scarf's are super cute, and you can wear it soo many ways! Another type of scarf that is great for the winter is a 'snood' there are sooo warm!

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