Is it possible to blog on a budget?

I'm a teen with no disposable income and a piggy bank that is constantly been broken into, so i hear you ask just how do i blog with no money? It's simple and I thought I would just share a few tips for any other new bloggers and money-less bloggers and many teen bloggers as we are the ones that get affected the most. 
First things first, is that NEVER feel pressured to be the best or have a blog that is amazing. No matter, how simple your blog or how much money you have your blog it unique and always remember that! 

 Don't overspend on your blog - It is so tempting and still to this day for me to spend money on things that I think I NEED but I really don't. For example, a fancy camera don't bother and just use what you have around the house or even a mobile phone like I do. Instead of buying a expensive editing software like photoshop use the free sites that are available I have a whole post on that here. And don't go for the top blog designer that is available instead youtube and google tutorials and find out how you can do it for free! Yes it is possible to create a header, social media icons ect you just have to fiddle and play around. Esty is a great site to buy inexpensive blog designs and different design things that you can mix and match. 

Samples are you're best friend - When I first started out and still to this day I grab a sample from wherever I can. You can get samples in so many magazines these days, as well as over the counter in beauty department stores some people are very generous and others not so much but there is no harm in trying. 

Shop your stash - These type of posts are becoming increasingly popular, and all they mean is where you use the products you already own and blog about them! Use them in different ways and talk about the experiments you undertook, you will be surprised how many people are more interested in your little gems than the things that are most talked about. 

Sales, Sales and More Sales - These include blog sales and normal sales in Boots and Superdrug, because you will get the best deals there. Especially blog sales because other people are always selling their things for half the price, and you can always grab a bargain. 

Wishlists - If you can't buy the things you want then share with people what you would like to eventually buy, I love reading these posts and add them to my notes page on my phone where I have a 'I would like to buy' list. 

Just Talk - If you don't feel like talking about anything you own then just talk to your readers about life. Like Dear Diary style posts they are really interesting to read because they tell us about you and who you really are. 


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